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Books published by R & R Centre

1. ONG, Kee Hui, Tan Sri Footprints in Sarawak: Memoirs of Tan Sri Datuk (Dr) Ong Kee Hui: 1914-1963 1998 983-99257-117 (h.c.) 983-99257-2-5 (s.c.) (out of print)

2. ONG, Kee Hui, Tan Sri Footsteps in Malaysia: political development of Sarawak since 1963 2002 983-99257-4-1 (h.c.) RM70.00 983-99257-3-3 (s.c.)  (available)  RM40.00

3. TIEN, Jukang Kang Chinese of Sarawak: a study of social structure with an introduction by Dr. Daniel Chew (reprint) 1997 983-99257-0-9 (available) RM15.00

4. LIM, Julitta, Shau Hua Pussy’s in the well: Japanese occupation of Sarawak 1941-1945 2005 983-41998-2-1 (available) RM25.00

5. 房汉佳 砂拉越巴南河流域发展史 2001 983-99257-5-X (s.c.)  983-99257-6-8 (h.c.)

6. 房汉佳,林韶华博士 中国爱国学者田汝康教授 2004 983-41998-9-2 (s.c.) 983-41008-0-5 (h.c.)

Publications of books by Penerbitan Sehati Sdn. Bhd.

R & R Committee has been active and responsive in initiating various activities such as Readers Club, looking for suitable works to be published.  The following titles under its newly established publishing house Penerbitan Sehati Sdn. Bhd. have been published :

1. Gabriel Tan Japanese Occupation 1941-1945 2009 978-983-44030-1-0 (available) RM35.00

2. Gabriel Tan Indonesian Confrontation & Sarawak Communist Insurgency 1963-1966 2008 983-44030-0-3 (available) RM38.00

3. Lim Beng Hai Sarawak under the throes of war 2010 978-983-44030-2-7 (available) RM40.00

4. Dr Tan Poh Tin 恭喜您是爸爸,妈妈了-婴儿手册 2011 978-983-44030-3-4 (available) RM38.00

Other titles also available for sale:

1. RITCHIE, James Crimson tide over Borneo: untold police stories & cessation of the Sarawak Communist Insurgency (1952-1990)2011 978-967-10752-0-3 (s.c.) RM60.00

2. JONG, K. C. The Red Rings: struggle of SUPP, the Chinese dominated political party established in Sarawak on the island of Borneo 2010 983-2691-00-9 (s.c.) RM75.00

3. CHAN, George, Hong Nam, Tan Sri What Now? 2011 (s.c.) 38.00

4. LIM, Julitta, Shau Hua From an army camp to a teachers’ college: a history of Batu Lintang Teachers’ College Kuching Sarawak1995 983-99068-0-1 (s.c.) RM30.00

5. FONG, Hon Kah, Dr. A history of the development of Baram Basin in Sarawak 2008 983-99068-1-3 RM70.00

Periodicals subscribed for public reading

Fortune – Monthly
National Geographic – Monthly
Scientific American – Monthly
Scientific American Mind – Monthly
Popular Science – Monthly
Newsweek – Weekly
Time – Weekly
Forbes Asia – Weekly
Discover – Monthly

亚洲周刊 – Weekly
Readers Digest – Monthly
Agroworld – Monthly




1. The library shall be known as Research and Resource Centre.

2. The Centre will be opened to researchers from:
Mondays to Fridays : 8:00am – 12:00noon & 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Saturdays : 8:00am -12noon
Closed in the afternoon
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

3. The collection is mainly printed matter (e.g. books, some periodicals) and photo-albums, in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Iban.

4. The Centre is opened to all registered members of the SUPP and genuine researchers who are non-members of the SUPP.

5. Researchers are welcomed to use the facility to do research in the SUPP premises and they are encouraged to use the material within the premises if possible.  They may, however be permitted to borrow material to photo-copy to make their research easier.

6. No materials may be taken / removed from the Centre without the permission of the officer-in-Charge and only if assurance is given to return the material should it be taken out.

7. A researcher is required to fill a special loan form giving as complete a detail as possible of himself, and his contacts should he / she take out any material.

8. A researcher may borrow “on special loan” one / two books for a period of 2 weeks only.  Extension of loan for another two weeks can be considered provided other researchers are not requesting for the same material.  Should the material on loan is requested by another researcher, the material may be recalled as soon as the date loan expires.  The former researcher may borrow again after the material has been returned by the later.

9. No deposit or membership or subscription is required, but should the researcher lose or damage or remove the material he would be required to replace it with the original title / latest edition or a photocopy of the title from other sources.  Should he fail to restitute the loss / damage he would be required to pay 3 times the sum of the original cost.  The researcher is required to take good care of the condition of the material.

10. Researchers are also welcomed to donate useful material to augment the present collection for the benefit of other researchers.  Acknowledgement of receipt of any donation in cash or kind will be gratefully acknowledged.

11. Good relations and cooperation between the officer-in-charge and researcher are of utmost importance, so respect and adherence to the rules and regulation are to be strictly kept.

12. Suggestions to improve the efficacy of the service and to augment collection of the centre are highly appreciated.

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