On behalf of our Party, I bid you all a very warm welcome to our first Annual Delegates’ Conference.

I would like to thank all of you for coming here today. It is because of your care and love for our Party and for the greater care and greater love for our beloved State, Sarawak.



2.1      Previously the Delegates’ Conference was held once in every three years. It was then called Triennial Delegates’ Conference. With the approval of our amendments to our Constitution by the Registrar of Society, it is now called an Annual Delegates’ Conference instead of Triennial Delegates’ Conference.  The change is good because three years is a long time for fellow comrades to meet, too long to have any meaningful fellowship with comrades from all Branches and sub branches throughout Sarawak. More importantly, too long for our Party, in particular our CWC leaders to hear your thoughts and views on our Party, your assessment on the performance of our Party Central Working Committee and the Party as a whole.

2.2      Of course the Delegates’ Conference, being the highest decision making body of our Party, is the best avenue for our comrades to share your thoughts and inputs.



3.1      It is extremely important for our Party to chart out, clearly, our future direction, in tandem with the new and fluid political environment that is currently taking place in Malaysia but for our own purpose we concentrate our thoughts in Sarawak for now.

3.2      We have always prided ourselves that we are the oldest multi-racial Political Party in Sarawak, formed on 4th of June 1959.  We are also proud of the word SARAWAK, which we always stress whenever we say SARAWAK UNITED PEOPLES’ PARTY.  We are a Sarawak based Party, formed to fight for the people of Sarawak, serve the people of Sarawak and protect the best interests of Sarawak. We must always therefore never forget to have the best interests of Sarawak and Sarawakians at heart and in mind at all times.

3.3      During the 56 years journey, since formation till now, our Party had contributed much towards peace, harmony and political stability in Sarawak. With these three important ingredients, we saw the rapid growth and development of Sarawak. We witnessed the transformation of Sarawak to what it is today.

3.4      That was then and we cannot now rely on the good old days’ achievements to stay relevant. It is imperative that our Party must now move on to the next level. What are our plans, our direction?  I am happy to mention here our Party President will later launch our Party’s future direction at lunch time.



4.1      We have all collectively as Party members undergone very difficult and challenging times, since 2006 and more so since 2011 till now. Together we have gone through a trail of fire. We have not only survived but we come out stronger as a more united Party. Our membership has increased notwithstanding the fierce challenges that we have had and still have.

4.2      Indeed we acknowledge that the few years of internal dispute has taken its toll. But that is behind us now and we would like to place on records our Greatest Gratitude and Highest Appreciation to you and all of comrades throughout Sarawak for your continuous and undivided loyalty and support to our Party. Thank you.

4.3      At the same time, we would like to apologize to our members and the people of Sarawak for not doing what should have been done during those years of internal disputes and quarrels. We did not do enough. Our sincere apologies.



5.1    Our Party has been a true and loyal partner in Barisan Nasional for 45 years, from 1970 till now 2015. Indeed, in 1987, we solidly stood by one of our BN component Parties when they needed help.  Our leaders then never asked them to share their seats with their political opponent. It was simply unthinkable. We fought together, side by side and head on.  We pulled through together, albeit with slim majority of seats and the rest is history. That was our principle and we are proud to say that we have not changed. Our principle shall remain and indeed, if any one of  present 4 BN Party or Parties is/are in need of support and help, SUPP shall not fail them. We shall be there with them “Swim or Sink” together.

5.2    In return we expect the same, nothing more and nothing less, from BN component Parties

5.3    We will never forget the usual quote of YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing, the President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak, which is “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

5.4    We hold dear and are genuinely honest to this golden principle of loyalty to each and every component BN Party.  Our integrity in sincere and pure, without any shadow of doubt.



6.1    The dissolution of present DUN must be done before end of June 2016.

For PRU 10, State Election 2011, there were 71 seats, allocated as follows:


Party           Seats     Won      Lost/Left

PBB              35           35

SUPP           19            6              13/6

PRS              9              8              1/8

SPDP           8              6              2/6


We do not know the allocations for the 2016 yet.

6.2    The principle of allocations of seats has been very much entrenched, since the formation of Coalition Government in 1970 and subsequently the formation of BN in 1972. The application of this principle has been very consistent all these years and indeed very successful to unite the BN component Parties, particularly in Sarawak. The successive elections, both Parliamentary and Sarawak State results speak for themselves. Therefore we are looking at the present 19 seats and plus the new seats, with two or three new seats to be allocated to SUPP.

6.3    Party members throughout Sarawak and the public at large are looking at us, watching us very closely indeed on what the Party would decide on the newspaper reports on the alleged proposed talk of seat allocations to be taken out from SUPP to be given to another party.

6.4    The question here is : should the above tested successful principle for so many elections be disturbed and changed so as to accommodate individuals or non BN party or parties? If such a change happens, what are the likely consequences?  How do the other BN component Parties feel and how do they react?  These are important questions, begging for answers.

6.5    My Dear Comrades, many Branches have submitted their resolutions to ADC for debate, deliberation and decisions. One of the resolutions is on the 19 state seats and the new seats. You are here to provide your thoughts and views on the 19 seats and new seats, thereafter your decision. Please speak your mind.



7.1    This 11th State Election could be a “do or die” scenario for us.  It is a matter of survival for our Party. This is real.

7.2    We must be united and must work hard. We must go down to the ground and be with the people. Be with them sincerely and they will be with us. Only then will decide who they want to be their Wakil Rakyat when the election is called.

7.3    Our focus must be on winning all our seats in the coming election.  All our thoughts, our efforts and our activities must be relevant to the people and in line with our YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

7.4    Since taking office last year on the 1st of March, our Chief Minister has revolutionised the Sarawak Government with progressive and people’s friendly decisions and policies. He was reported to have made 36 decisions which are beneficial to Sarawakians. One of the important decisions is the recognition of UEC.  Sarawak is the first state in Malaysia to recognise UEC.

7.5  In addition last year 15th October YAB CM gave  RM3 million to Independent  Chinese schools. This year on 15th May RM4 million was given to the Independent Chinese Schools.  CM further say that he would give RM5 million next year if he was returned as CM of Sarawak. CM has acknowledged the importance of Chinese education and he knows that a lot of bumiputra’s children also study in Chinese Primary Schools throughout Sarawak.

7.6    We know how CM feels on the followings:

Hudud law, Usage of the word “Allah”, Extremists or religious bigots, reduction of electricity tariffs , illegal loggings, the abolition of bridge tolls, illegal immigrants, the yearly RM 2.1 billion of Petronas contracts for Sarawak based companies, Sarawak autonomy and many others.

7.7    Back to the State Election, which we must distinguish from the Parliamentary election which was recently held in 2013.  We must look after our own Sarawak, protect Sarawak from the bad influences from Peninsula Malaya Parties. To do that we must have a strong Sarawak. The election is perhaps only about 130 days away, if we are looking at March or April 2016, after Chinese New Year.

7.8    Our CM now speaks on autonomy and devolution of power to Sarawak, with specific reference to the 18th points contained in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

7.9    Education is one of them. We agree that Sarawak Government should take back Education and be in full control, including the introduction of using English as the medium of instruction.  It is important to mention that Sarawak education system has also started to implement friendly policies which will eventually lead to a majority of teachers, up to 90% of them in Sarawak being Sarawakians within the next 3 years. Our own local teachers know better our local ways of life. This can be said is the beginning of autonomy in our education system and it augers well for Sarawakians as a whole.

7.10  Sarawakians have always lived in a peaceful and harmonious environment and our Chief Minister’s stand on this is consistent with our ideology that we must reject extremist and racist. We must have Zero tolerance for bigoted people in Sarawak.

7.11  If we want to see more positive changes and more autonomy for Sarawak, we must try to convince all Sarawakians to use the ballot box at the next election to vote for Adenan and his BN team and give him another 5 years.

7.12 Most importantly, all our Party members must cooperate with each other, be united and be single minded and focused on getting the people of Sarawak to give us another chance. We will let know that we are fully committed to the concept of SUPP for Sarawakians. We are campaigning hard for more autonomy for Sarawak.  Our Party is fortunate that we have good members and we have capable candidates for the coming state election.



8.1    The concept of Merger of Minds was first announced on the 14th June 2014 by YB Tan Sri Dr James Masing, President of PRS together with Tan Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui, our then President and YB Datuk Seri  Tiong King Sing, then Acting President of SPDP.

8.2    The main objective of this Merger of Minds concept is for the three BN component Parties,  namely PRS SUPP and SPDP,  to work closely with each other with the view of strengthening Barisan Nasional as a whole.

8.3    This Merger of Minds will continue notwithstanding the alleged proposed talk between our Party and UPP All the three Presidents have recently said this Merger of Minds will continue.



9.1    For the coming State Election, Our CM is asking for a strong mandate of one term of 5 years to enable him to do more for Sarawak and for Sarawakians.

9.2    We are also asking from the people to give a term of 5 years to our new leadership. We hope to work closely with the CM for the best interest of Sarawak the people of Sarawak.

9.3    Once again thank you Comrades for attending this ADC. We also thank you for your dedication, commitment, care and love for our Party. Together let us move on.




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